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Seven Siblings Theatre Tackles Steve Martin in a Bar

Seven Siblings Theatre presents
Picasso at the Lapin Agile
By Steve Martin
Directed by Erika Downie

DESCRIPTION: " Sparks fly as Pablo Picasso and Albert Einstein debate the meaning of the universe and its inescapable ties with art in this surreal comedy." -SST
donna g: Steve Martin is not a name that readily comes to mind when the average person thinks of playwrights. How did you discover "Picasso at the Lapin Agile"?
ERIKA DOWNIE: Steve Martin’s plays found me. I was at my university bookstore picking up textbooks and it stood out as something I needed to read. As “fate” has it Martin’s works also found their way into the hands of Will King, the artistic director and co-founder of Seven Siblings, and Madryn McCabe, the third co-founder and marketing and publicity manager of the company.  When I moved to Toronto last summer it was the first play the three of us decided to put into our 2016 season because we loved the rhythm of the comedy, the fantastic relationships bet…