Saturday, 16 August 2008

SCREEN IDENTITY: Conversations with "bad girl" Tura Satana and director, Shane Belcourt


The legendary TURA SATANA is coming to Toronto on August 22nd as part of RUE MORGUE's FESTIVAL of FEAR (August 22-24). I had a chance to interview Tura and I must say this is one of the few times that I have ever been nervous about interviewing anyone. Being a fan, I wanted the interview to go on forever and I didn't want to think about the flow of the conversation, just blurt out all the questions had for her in my head. Of course, I hope I succeeded in curbing my stream of consciousness and presented an interview that listeners could follow, and be inspired enough to go and see her in person.

If you have never seen FASTER PUSSYCAT, KILL! KILL! then go to the screening on August 22nd. The film is best appreciated with a group, so bring along a friend or 5. It's a 1965 black and white cult classic that puts 3 unrepentant bad girls in the lead. It was interesting to find out that Tura was still in touch with her co-stars, Haji and Lori Williams, and how the male perspective of the movie had changed to a positive one over the years. Russ Myer (sorry for slipping up and calling him Wes Craven at one point in the interview-Wes is actually the Guest of Honour at Festival of Fear) got it right when he cast Tura in the lead for this movie.

Thank you Tura for a wonderful conversation.

See Faster Pussycat and ask Tura your own questions on Friday, August 22nd, 9:00 pm at the Bloor Cinema. Tickets available at, through Ticketmaster 416-870-8000 or at the Bloor on the night of the screening.

TKARONTO (pronounced tekaronto)explores issues of Metis identity in an urban setting. Director, writer, cinematographer, Shane Belcourt and I had an interesting discussion about his new feature, ranging from making a film on $25,000 to how other ethnic groups have responded to this film. If you missed the interview, please visit the film's website to see the trailer, video of Shane expressing his reason for making this film, and to find out how the film got it's title.
TKARONTO stars, Duane Murray, Melanie McLaren and Lorne Cardinal (yes, the officer from Corner Gas). Duane and Melanie's characters, in Toronto for respective business reasons, form a connection while sharing her sister's empty house for a few days. Their growing bond leads both to question their identity and their relationship with their spouses while dealing with the their growing attraction to one another.

TKARONTO is currently screening at the Royal Cinema (608 College Street). Each screening will be preceded by a short film made by a metis filmmaker. How often do you get a chance to see a film instead of endless commercials and trailers before the feature film starts? This is a great idea and give exposure to short-film makers.

Sunday, 10 August 2008

A Few Things to Do this Week

Go see, AMAL, Richie Mehta's film about a New Delhi auto-rickshaw driver, who goes about his simple, daily life not knowing how his generosity of spirit to a senile passenger could change his life forever. This charming, beautifully told fable, also includes a delicate, restrained love story in keeping with the leanness of the script. Playing at the Varsity Cinema, 55 Bloor West.

Diversify your after work calendar by including some theatre. Catch Jane Maggs (Until June) and other actors performers and artists at Summerworks Theatre Festival (August 7-17).

Bite into some flavourful eats, do a dance workshop, and feel the heat of various dance beats at Harbourfront Centre's Hot & Spicy Food Festival. Be sure to check out the films, too.

A Sweet Liar: Theatre Francais de Toronto's Le Menteur/The Liar

The tag line is  "Don't believe a word he says" , but you can believe me, Le Menteur/The Liar is a fun way to spend a night at...