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FanExpo Canada 2013: Toronto Steampunk Society Intro

If you go to FanExpo you will find everyone there very likeable and willing to talk to you whether you are a patron or, like me, have a media badge. After attending the Steampunk 101 panel with Jody Rodier and John Morgan (aka Graydon Carnaghan) I decided to stop by the Toronto Steampunk Society booth to have a look and get some information that I could share with you. Have a listen to my quick chat with Todd Clark...

For more information on the Toronto Steampunk Society visit:

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Summerworks Today!

I hope you've been following my SummerWorks tweets (@tmtmshow) and facebook posts ( as I haven't had the time or energy to also write reviews. I have been rating the plays, however, just to give you an indication of their merit. If you've missed my social media coverage, then please LIKE my page and follow me on twitter


Final Performance: 
Sunday, August 18th, 4:00pm, Theatre Passe Muraille
16 Ryerson Avenue (north of Queen, east of Bathurst)

Flawless casting, directing and writing keeps this funny satire right on track with its examination of the millenials and their feelings of entitlement. Bring an extra $15 cash so you can buy a copy and have it signed by playwright, Sugith Varughese

Hopefully you've already seen the last performance of this play today, otherwise pray that it gets picked up as the company's production of the award-winning TERMINUS (Summerworks 12) was by Mirvish. It'…

Enough Rope Not Worthy Of Summerworks

I consider myself a fair reviewer, so I received a lot of questions about my scathing comment about Enough Rope on the TMTM Facebook page/@tmtmshow twitter profile. This performance lists itself as an exploration of "artistic isolation" with the setting being a "musty tent.” Before my friend and I entered the Studio space at the Lower Ossington Theatre, someone should have warned us that the tent we were to be housed in for the duration was a stinky (no metaphor, after all) burlap cocoon with loose straw on the floor and limited seating. There were no allergy alerts posted, nor were we informed that some audience members would have to sit on crocus bags scattered on the floor. So, with first impressions not being good, I went to my happy place so that I wouldn't prejudge the performance based on my stuffy nose and the tight, crowded seating. I soothed myself with the sight of the slightly mad-looking ballerina with the smeared make-up and the ill-fitting tutu (I lo…