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Ross Petty's Sleeping Beauty BFFs: Meet Alexandra Beaton & Taveeta Szymanowicz

Fall/winter theatre favourite Ross Petty Productions is back with another fairy-tale pantomime! This year's treat is Sleeping Beauty-The Deliriously Dreamy Family Musical. The beauty is Kinky Boots star, AJ Bridal and playing her best pals are Alexandra Beaton and Taveeta Szymanowicz of Family Channel's The Next Steps. Taveeta and Alexandra were in rehearsals but took time out to share some insights into their roles.

Alexandra Beaton & Taveeta Szymanowicz
photo credit: Bruce Zinger

donna g: Were either of you familiar with pantomime before being cast in Ross Petty's version of Sleeping Beauty?

Taveeta: Yes! I saw Ross's production of Peter Pan when I was in Elementary school. I remember having such a lovely time. I was thus very excited when I was cast in Ross's 2015/16 production of Peter Pan in Wonderland last year. I was thrilled to be cast again this year! 

Alexandra: Of course! Growing up in Toronto, going to the Panto at Christmas  time was a tradition for a lot of my friends. I even saw a few myself.

donna g: You both play Beauty's BFF guardian angels. Could tell us a bit about your characters?

Taveeta: I play Gabriella aka "Gabby" the Charm. She is one of 3 Charms that protect Sleeping Beauty aka the heroine "Rose"! She's really fierce and fun and super protective. It is a really fun role to play as one of my dream roles has always been a spy, and this role has similar sneaky but kicking type qualities! I wouldn't mess with Gabby ;) 

Alexandra: Being a Charm is so much fun! Fee is strong and independent but takes her job of protecting Rose very seriously. It is her mission to keep Rose safe and happy. Fee, and her "sisters", move as a unit and because of that are the best of friends as well as being the ultimate team. 

donna g: How have you have had to adapt from acting in front of the camera to acting in such an exaggerated form of theatre?

Taveeta: I started my career on a stage as a dancer and so being on a stage in front of a live audience feels very natural to me! It hasn't been that difficult to adapt. 
AlexandraActing on TV and in theatre are two totally different mediums and have to be treated as such. What works on the screen will rarely work on the stage. Both are their own craft and deserve to be treated as such. Luckily, both are so much fun to do. So yes, there has been some adapting.

donna g: We know from your roles in The Next Step that you can both dance; how much dancing can audiences expect from you to in this production? Can you share any tidbits without giving too much away?

Taveeta: There are some awesome musical numbers in the show this year! All I can say is that you will for sure be singing and dancing along to some of your favourite songs in your seats.
Alexandra: The Charms dance quite a bit in this production! Primarily, I am an actor so getting back in to the dancing groove has been a fun challenge for me! One thing you should know is that the charms are literally born protectors so all their dancing has a bit of a fighting side to it.   

donna g: Could you describe your respective costumes? Did you have any input into the design or were they dance-perfect from the get go?

Taveeta: The Charms get to wear these fabulous tight, spy-like gold sequin costumes! It's the perfect balance of spy-like attire meets the brightness and sparkles that is the Panto! They are beautiful, and very comfortable!

Alexandra: Our costume department is so good they did not need any input! They came up with an amazing design of gold jumpsuits that are designed to fit each of the charms individual personality. 
donna g: What are you each looking forward to on Opening Night, or the run of the show, if that's the case?

Taveeta: This show is such a great production to be a part of during the Holiday Season! I am really looking forward to having fun on stage with such humble and talented people- most of all I'm excited to see all of the fans! 

Alexandra: All of it! Each audience is different and each show has a different energy. I know opening night will be amazing but I think just being part of the Panto is pretty exciting as well.

Ross Petty Productions proudly presents the all-star Canadian cast of
SLEEPING BEAUTY – The Deliriously Dreamy Family Musical,
the 21st annual fractured fairytale at the Elgin Theatre,
November 25, 2016 – January 7, 2017

Guest Star Hilary Farr ( HGTV’s Love it or List It)
Featuring AJ Bridel, Paul Constable, James Daly, Eddie Glen
With Alexandra Beaton, Lisa Horner, Laurie Murdoch and Taveeta Szymanowicz

         For a complete performance schedule visit        

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