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POSTPONED: Swell Broad & The Homemaker (Jan 31-Feb 9)

If you were planning to see Swell Broad & The Homemaker the production has been POSTPONED!

"Convection Productions and Peanut Butter People are sad to announce that Swell Broad & The Homemaker: A Double Bill has being postponed (one day before opening).

Unfortunately, a pipe burst in our venue, The Downstage, and the theatre is completely flooded. Along with the floors, audio and lighting equipment has been damaged beyond repair. 
We are currently looking to secure a new venue for late March or early April and will keep you updated. Thank you for your continued interest and support!"
Best, Brooke Banning

Man, I love me some Ralph Fiennes!...

...This thought flashed into my brain over the holidays, as I watched Skyfall. Even consumed as I was with Daniel Craig, (Bond, James Bond) and the powerful triumvirate of Dame Judi Dench and Javier Bardem, I still couldn't take my eyes off Ralph and the balanced character he created in Gareth Mallory. As the chairman of the Security and Intelligence Committee, the role of Mallory had to be played by someone strong enough to wear the cloak of authority demanded by the character, but savvy enough to not overplay the role as an actor. The actor must play Mallory as a character who is just outside the parameter of Craig, Dench and Bardem without breaching the triangle. Ralph pulls this off flawlessly, making us believe that Mallory was once indeed an IRA prisoner who is now a fantastic security chief (we buy that he can handle a gun in a crisis) and strategist (its his idea of the best way to track the bad guys).

Now, at the beginning of 2014, you too, can have the pleasure of seeing…