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FRINGE THIS! 11 shows, 11 Pitches, 5 Minutes Each, Go!

Can you say EXHAUSTED!? That's what I am right now after hosting and producing my Annual 5-Minute Fringe Showcase. This year, instead of my usual 10 shows "selling" their shows to you in 5 minutes or less, I had 11. When I went into the Map Room at Hart House to meet everyone, I didn't expect that everyone there would be a Fringe-er. The room was packed! Eleven shows, but 20 people! I must admit that it was a bit overwhelming, but everyone was so co-operative and in such good spirits, that it made my job of organizing everything run quickly and smoothly. While in the Map Room, each show picked their on air order by lottery (ok, bits of orange scrap paper folded to hide the numbers) and I did a quickie Q and A with each show while Jason Murray,of THE DINNER (whom I had never met before) took pictures of the gang. He didn't even question me when I put my camera in his hand and directed him to do photo duty--what a trooper! Photos are in the order each play steppe…

When the Young Speak

Jaelejit  and Qani return to The More the Merrier and brought friends, Scofield and Marlon, respectively to share their talents.  My special guest was the adorable Orit, who recited "It's Raining Gumballs." Orit won a first prize ribbon at her school for her recitation. Orit's mother, Assie was thrilled to have her daughter on the show and to have her be part of such impressive company. As for the young cyphers, they thought Orit was a very talented little princess. Have a listen (apologies or a few tech issues):

i am a good person/i am a bad person EXTENDS RUN at Royal Cinema!

pUNK films & The Royal present  i am a good person/i am a bad person
THE ROYAL (608 College Street) - TORONTO Q&A’s with Director and Cast Following Each Screening

(Toronto – June 18, 2012)  On-the-heels of a smash festival tour including Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Halifax, St. John’s, Sarasota, Whitehorse, Bradford and New York City, among others -- Ingrid Veninger returns to Toronto for a pUNK films presentation of i am a good person/i am a bad person starting June 14th, at The Royal. i am a good person/i am a bad person will be extended until June 24 at The Royal BOX OFFICE PROCEEDS FUND THE $1000 Feature Film Challenge. Details here: Final Film Selections Announced: June 25th UPDATED Screenings are as follows: Monday June 18: 7:00pm- i…
Scott Thompson and Dave Foley are probably the most famous faces you will see in the Stranger in as Strange Land programme at CFC's Worldwide Short Film Festival, but the film in which Thompson stars and Foley appears, The Immigrant, is not the reason I am recommending that you head to the Isabel Bader Theatre this afternoon (4:15pm) or Saturday night (June 9, 10:15 pm); there are 6 other selections that are worth seeing.

 I AM JOHN WAYNE. This American short takes a different tactic in the boys in the hood genre. When Taco's friend is killed, rather than seek revenge, he finds an alternative that leads to a potential new friendship, and a way in which to deal with his grief. Jamir Daaliya (Taco) is a young actor whose emotive expressions are ideal for the big screen.

ODYSSEUS' GAMBIT. Chess is both a metaphor and a mirror of life in this documentary about a Cambodian refugee who has grown up in the United States, but is not of the United States. Shot numerous times in the h…

Worldwide Short Film Festival:TONIGHT! An Evening with Dame Judi Dench and Friends

Tonight's Worldwide Shorts Film Festival programme of Celebrity Shorts is a gift of wonderful films that have the have the added bonus of featuring known actors of the big and small screen. Of the eight films in this programme, I thoroughly enjoyed seven of them, and was amused by the eighth.
CEBERITY SHORTS ($10) Thursday, June 7, 7:45 pm Bloor Cinema, 756 Bloor Street 416-532-2232

FRIEND REQUEST PENDING. It was such a pleasure watching Dame Judi Dench act as a giddy school girl over linking up with a man via the internet! I watched this screener twice, and encourage you to go out and see it on the big screen tonight at the Bloor Cinema. As her BFF, Penny Ryder, is the perfect foil, lending encouragement to Dench with suggestions and advice. Romance and tech talk is not just for the younger generation any more, so don't be surprised who is poking whom these days;-)
THE CARRIER. Actress Rita Wilson (It's Complicated, Sleepless in Seattle) gives a nuanced …

TMTM Book Club Selection: The Vintage Caper

Peter Mayle's THE VINTAGE CAPER is the next selection for the TMTM Book Club. Join us in reading this light summer treat by the author of A Year in Province and many other books set in his favourite country, France.  This Brit has been award many prizes including the Legion d'Honneur from the French government, which is understandable given that he has successfully lured many oenophiles and would-be oenophiles and gourmands to various parts of France with his descriptions of food and wine. So far, I have only been able to partake vicariously through his books. No one else can make our mouths water for delicately prepared offal and temp our olfactory and unseasoned palettes with wines whose bouquets we can almost smell wafting from the pages. And where there is wine, there is always cheese, but I digress.  This wonderful caper moves quickly from the sweet life of L.A's elite to the the vineyards of Bordeaux and the port city of Marseilles, contrasting the particular cultur…

FREE Flicks, June 3rd, 12 noon

Looking for something to do with the kiddies tomorrow, or a way to while away your afternoon? How about going to a Flick-Nic?  The Worldwide Shorts Film Festival (June 5-10) is having a FREE pre-Festival outdoor screening in Dufferin Grove Park at high noon. So grab some lawn chairs, and some snacks, some kids and their friends, or some friends of your own (you don't have to be a shorty to enjoy the flicks) and dig in.
"Could these be the eyes of the big bad mouse?" wonders THE GRUFFALO'S CHILD as she wanders away from her house.  This sequel to THE GRUFALO, last year's festival favourite, is narrated by a mother squirrel (Helena Bonham Carter) trying to keep her children in check. The story takes us on an adventure with the Gruffalo's Child (Shirley Henderson, Harry Potter's Moaning Myrtle) as she defies her father (voiced again by Robbie Coltrane) and sneaks out at night. Accompanied by her favourite toy twig, the Gruffalo's Child plays sleuth in th…

Coming Soon!

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