Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Coming Soon: Fan Expo Canada 2014

Are you ready for Fan Expo Canada? I'm slowly getting there, with the excitement building every day. The first time I attended the "3rd largest pop culutre event in North America" I expected to feel like a fish out of water: I wasn't a gamer or an official nerd, but I did love comics and read them in my childhood and as an adult, I borrowed graphic novels every once in a while from the Toronto Public Library; however, it didn't take long for me to feel right at home with the masses of people in attendance at this Con. It's like being in a town where costumes and regular clothing are the norm and no one looks out of place--no matter how outlandish the garment. In fact, the over the top or character accurate the better if you want people stopping you and posing with you for a quick snap.

As a newbie, there is still lots for me to learn about Cosplay, Steampunk, Horror, the various Sci-Fi and Anime genres etc. No wonder people get a pass! There really is something for everyone and if you want to take it all in, it will take you the whole four days to do so. If you are pressed for time, though, there is plenty to fill a day. Check the website and schedules to see which day(s) suits your interest and go to it.

Going by yourself? Not a problem. The attendees are all very friendly, and the guests at the booths are always ready to chat. Bring some cash with you because you will want to buy something. Trust me on this. It's very hard to go home empty-handed. From a tote bag to a postcard to full leather gear, every booth is a temptation. Celebrity autographs and photos are usually in endless supply, but there are also one-of-a-kind items that you might have to shell out big bucks for. One tip, though, don't take pictures of the stars without their permission! Not cool! They love to meet you, but they are there to work. It's a livelihood for many of the retired stars who do these Cons to augment meagre royalty cheques, so please show some respect along with your love.

I'll be tweeting and facebooking from the event, so be sure to follow my journey as I learn more about this wonderful world! Bring on the "full frontal nerdity!"

August 28-31, 2014
Complete Details: http://fanexpocanada.com/
Tickets: http://fanexpocanada.com/tickets/

Photo/logo courtesy of Fan Expo

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