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Dance Immersion Honours Canadian Blacks in Dance

You might know Karen Kain, but have your heard of Len Gibson, Jeni Legon, Dindi Lidge, Zab Maboungou, Paul Pettiford, Kevin Pugh and Jean Sheen?  Whether your answer is yes, or no, you owe it to yourself to check out Dance Immersion's TRIBUTE: A Moving History of Canadian Blacks in Dance

February 23 -25, 2012
Fleck Dance Theatre
Fleck Dance Theatre
207 Queens Quay West



Regular tickets:$27−$32 Studen/Senior:$22−$27 NextSteps package price:$22-$27 Student/Senior package price:$17-$22
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Reviews: In the Heights, Zero Hour

Heading to the theatre? Here are two reviews for you to consider when making your selection.

In the Heights: After interviewing Perry Young about achieving his dream of playing the lead character Usnavi in the touring production of this play, and sharing with him my dream of seeing the play ever since watching the opening number on the Tony Awards years ago, I had high hopes when I attended the opening night of DanCap's production. Imagine my deflation then, upon learning that Perry Young was not going to be playing Usnavi that night, and imagine my further sagging spirits as I watch the equivalent of a very enthusiastic but amateur performance unfold over the next couple of hours. I could get over Perry not being on stage: it's live theatre and the show must go on, but this was no All About Eve where the understudy becomes the breakout star after filling in. Nope, this production and its cast did not rise to the heights of Lin-Manuel Miranda's brilliant work. The script ab…

To Swim in His Blue Blue Eyes...

Oh, my! It has been a long time since I blogged! So, sorry, my dear followers--part busy life, part procrastination. Still pressed for time, but at least I've beat the procrastination. Here's a look at a few movies that I've seen since I last posted. What have you seen?
Carnage: why wasn't any of these lovely people nominated for Oscars?  It cast is comprised of 3 former winners, Kate Winslet, Jody Foster, Christoph Waltz,  and 1 Oscar-nominee, John C. Reilly. This satirical look at two couples discussing then battling it out over their respective son's role in a playground skirmish, is filled with deliciously scathing and witty dialogue delivered by a seasoned cast worthy of multiple ovations. If the film at some points feel stage-y, that's because Yasmina Reza has based the screenplay on her own play Le dieu du carnage, and because the entire evening takes place in one apartment. Director Roman Polansky is genius in what he brings out in his actors and how he…