Saturday, 27 March 2010

Toronto Comic Con: Name That Hero!

I went to a costume contest down at Toronto Comic Con and, newbie that I am, I didn’t know most of the characters on parade. Thanks to my appeal to Toronto Comic Con fans, I now know who these characters are. Thanks for your help, guys.

I managed to take some pictures, but found that not many contestants took the time to pose for the camera. The pictures I got were for of the extroverted ones who lived for the flickering of the flash. I eventually told them to “halt” and some did, but others were too shy.

I know Wolverine. My husband Hugh Jackman plays him in the movies.

Thanks to a poster for letting me know that this is the character Kallen from Code Geass.

Yes! Arnie played him in the movie. Predator. Wish I had captured the sound he made as he walked around. He devised the audio himself.

Captain America.

"Baby" Captain America (the prize she won was bigger than her!), "Little" Mystique and "Boy" Vader.

Thanks to "L" I now know that "Legs" and "Blondie" (my made up names) are actually Zatana and Black Canary.

Thanks to the poster who let me know that this "Lady in Red" is the character Dark Phoenix aka Katherine Curtis from the Naked News, which confirms me original post that "they should have brought a hose in for the fan boys when she walked up to the front of the room. SCHWING!"

"Lady in Blue"? It took he about 4 months to make this original costume. Love the bustle.

Holy wing span! It's Klingon Batman aka Batlith Man

The character Mizore from Rosario and Vampire; thanks to Samantha- Jeanne I now know that this "Green Girl" (as I was calling her) is a Green Lantern character named Arisia. Thanks S-J. Trivia: Two-Face (below) is her boyfriend; Lexy, who won First Prize in the "Other" category is an original forest warrior character.

Two-Face, and Candlejack from Freakazois.

Zombie Gwen Stacy+ Shaun of the Dead.

Every country needs a hero! Here's The Blue Trident representing Barbados

Direct Energy Centre
Exhibition Place
100 Princes’ Blvd

Sunday - 10am - 5pm
Last Day!



Samantha-Jeanne said...

I'm the Green Girl... I was a Green Lantern named Arisia. My boyfriend was Two-Face :)

Thanks for these photos!!


Anonymous said...

Hello! Awesome pics! I was an original forest warrior character. I won first for the 'other' category :) Yay Corpse Bride stuff!


Anonymous said...

Figured I'd help you out, some of the unnamed characters in the contests are:
Zatana ("Legs")
Black Canary ("Blondie")
Dark Pheonix ("Lady in Red")
Klingon Batman (the Holy Wingspan guy)
Zombie Girl is actually Zombie Gwen Stacy
The Blue Trident (Barbados guy)
Anyways those are the ones I know off the top of my head ^^


Anonymous said...

"Warm & friendly" is Kallen (Karen) from Code Geass. The "creepy guy from Batman" is Candlejack from Freakazoid. The first pic below "Batlith Man" is Mizore from Rosario+Vampire.

Anonymous said...

Dark Phoenix aka "Lady in Red" is also Katherine Curtis from the Naked News

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