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"Someone is Going to Come" directed by Adam Seelig

Adam Seelig continues his mission of bringing poetic theatre to our attention. In Something is Going to Come, a couple, desperate to be alone, has purchased an isolated house by the sea only to have their privacy invaded by the house seller. The poetic dialogue, the spare set, and the cool-tones lighting the actors all serve to communicate the angst of the May-December couple and the young virile stranger's interest in the woman.

Having seen Seelig's post-911 Antigone Insurgency, and this play, I had to share with Adam that he has a penchant for selecting incredibly talented, charismatic actresses: Cara Ricketts in Antigone and now, Stacie Steadman. Make no mistake,Dwight McFee (He) as the older partner and Michael Blake (The Man) are effective in their roles, but there is no way they can compete with the intangible force that make the audience focus on Steadman (She).

If you haven't already seen Someone is Going to Come, grab a friend and a couple of the resonably priced…

Richard Crouse's Son of the 100 Best Movies You've Never Seen

Photo Credit: TINARS (from Richard's website)

I think the Fates conspired to bring film critic and author, Richard Crouse to where he is today. His parents moved from the US to his birthplace of Liverpool, Nova Scotia, and Richard grew up in a house that was once a vaudeville theatre. The boom that was supposed to bring big development to Liverpool never happened, but the opera house they built became a movie theatre that exposed Richard to a variety of film genres. He could watch an art house, mainstream and kung fu movie all in one day, and living in a small town, Richard went to the movies a lot. See what I mean about the Fates? His destiny may have been predetermined, but hard work also played a part in Richard's professional achievements: 10 years as the host of Reel to Real, author of 6 pop culture books, film critic on Canada AM, and host of his new show, "Richard Crouse's Movie Show".

I had such a great time talking to Richard about his latest book, Son o…

The Personal as History: Sistah Lois aka Afrikan Princess Talks About Life on the Prairies

I wanted to end my Black History Month programming by having someone tell their personal story of growing up in Canada. The oral tradition is a strong cultural device in African culture, and was especially important for those of us whose history in this hemisphere began with slave ships. I wanted to continue this tradition of oral history by having my guest, Sistah Lois Jacob aka Afrikan Princess, speak her life experience. I also wanted to direct our attention away from the east and to the Prairies. How many books have you read about Black life in Winnipeg during the '60s?

Thank you Sistah for sharing your childhood travels from Port of Spain, Trinidad to North Hampton, England and Winnipeg, Canada. You painted a great picture of all of those places, and your reactions to the people you encountered. What an adventure it must have been to travel by commercial boat as a girl, and how shocking a revelation it must have been to see poor white people in Canada, and even poorer first…