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New Year's Day Couch Viewing

Looking for a break from the hectic holidays? Why not try out a couple of these DVDs?
I am very happy to know that Charles Officer's first feature film, NURSE.FIGHTER.BOY. is sometimes not available at my local mainstream video rental store. The fact that is is renting means that more people than the usual art house or Canadian film film lover (like me) are taking a chance on this wonderful love story. See my review.

I'VE LOVED YOU FOR SO LONG(Il y a longtemps que je t'aime) with Kristen Scott Thomas. One of my faves from 2008 about two sisters reuniting after many years. Don't read "chick flick" just because it's about sisters. The movie is paced like a mystery. In French with English subtitles. See my review.

IT'S NOT ME, I SWEAR! Didn't you or a kid you know utter these words when you were a kid? Yes, another French one, but this time from Québec about a young boy dealing with his parents divorce. Heartbreaking and funny at the same time. French w…

Images: Batuki Music Society's Africa Meets First Nations Project

THANKS to Nadine McNulty (below left), I have been having a great time at the Lula Lounge lately. If you were there on December 6th to see David West, and heard a loud group of enthusiasts near the front of the stage, that's where I was. No, we weren't friends of the band, we were just enjoying the musical sounds of Batuki Music Society's Africa Meets First Nations project; in this case Africa met Ecuador.

In my boisterous crowd was eight-year old Chrystal L. (above right), the neice of Golan S., a new supporter of TmTm. (You may remember that Golan won my show prize package during CIUT's Fall Fundraising Campaign.) Chrystal was my photographer for the evening taking lots of snaps of David West's ensemble Choclo y la Orgia Cosmica and leaving me lots of opportunity to just dance!

Golan and his sister, Zorah (Chrystal's mother) were not shy about showing their appreciation of the band. Heidy M. (not pictured) was also part of our small but very vocal crowd and poi…

November Wrap

DJENNIE LAGUERRE in a scene from her one-women play, Rendez-vous Lakay. Théâtre français de Toronto. Dec. 2nd - 12th. Berkeley Street Theatre. 5 English surtiled performances.

I hope that November was as glorious for you as it was for me. Along with the record-breaking weather we had here in Toronto (first time ever with no snow), there seemed to be an abundance of things to do in this city.

The arts were blooming this month and I am glad that I was able to continue bringing you arts via the airwaves thanks to people like Golan who made a donation to TmTm and became a member of CIUT 89.5 FM. I had a chance to meet this brand new TmTm listener at our main studio in the Map Room at Hart House when he came to pick up the exclusive show prize package that he won by donating to my show (I did a TmTm Member's Only draw).

Golan is representative of many listeners who are interested in the arts but not sure where to start. The exciting thing I learned about him is that he is willing to try n…

Adam Seelig's TALKING MASKS Opens in Toronto

(R-L) Actors Jane Miller & Cathy Murphy; n/a; Dimitris Azemopoulos, the Consul General of Greece in Toronto; actor Richard Harte; playwright/director, Adam Seelig; Anna Shepelevich of the Greek Consulate; Efstratia Karagrigoriou, Greek Consulate Cultural & Educational Affairs Officer.
Playwright/director, Adam Seelig's brand new work opened to a packed house at the Walmer Centre Theatre on Friday, Nov. 13th. Talking Masks (Oedipussy)--yep, you read those parenthetical words correctly-is Sophocles' Oedipus Rex meets the story of Isaac and Ishmael as birthed by Seelig, founder of "North America's only theatre company devoted to modern and contemporary poetic theatre", One Little Goat. Confused? That's to be expected with Seelig's work. I've been a fan since seeing his 2007 work, Antigone:Insurgency, a play that blends the ancient world with a post-9/11 world (that play also starred Richard Harte). I followed up that thought-provoking experience …

Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival:...and the Award Goes To

I am very happy to announce that guests* of TmTm won awards at the Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival (RA). I had a chance to talk to directors, Mio Adilman (UNLOCKED) and Paramita Nath (FOUND) when their respective films made their debut at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) in September. I was pleased for both of these filmmakers when their films were accepted at RA because this a win-win situation: further exposure for Canadian talent and another chance for the public to see their films.

I had another opportunity to discuss FOUND when poet Souvankham Thammavongsa (whose work and life are the subject of FOUND) visited CIUT's new Hart House studio in October. Joining her on that show was FISH IN BARREL director, Randall Okita (see post) . Both of these shorts screened as part of RA's SENSE OF WONDERS programme along with another award winner from that programme, REX VS. SING directed by Richard Fung, John Greyson, and Ali Kazimi.

Congratulations to ALL the filmmakers …

Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival: Saturday Night at the Movies

Now in its thirteenth year, the Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival (RA) has come a long way in terms of the diversity of films it is able to offer the Toronto public. Whether its better programming selection or the mix of films that are being made by Pan-Asian filmmakers (or maybe a combination of both), Saturday's films range in moods and genres that could have you spending your afternoon and evening at Innis Town Hall.
AGRARIAN UTOPIA Thai director, Uruphong Raksasad's film about rural farmers tilling the soil in the shadows of multi-nationals and the big money behind modern-day food production, is bound to illuminate even as it creates a pang in our urban hearts about our own dis-involvement with the food that we consume. The beautiful still from the film promises to take us on a visual and emotional journey. Screens at 2:00 PM

WHITE ON RICEThis was my first time seeing a Japanese-American movie where both English and Japanese are spoken. Usually, such films are in English wit…

Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival: Friday Night Special

The Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival(RA) had strong showings Friday night with it's short film programme SENSE OF WONDERS, which features some of Canada's best Asian Canadian shorts, including a twisted historical musical piece from powerhouses, Richard Fung, John Greyson, and called REX VS. SINGH.

Istvan Kantor is not exactly a name you automatically think of with a festival like Reel Asian, but his short film, WHITE BOY FROM THE EAST is an auto-biographical treatise on his theory that Hungarians had Asian roots. And speaking of roots, RA's Centrepiece Presentation RED HEROINE was a one-night only opportunity to see this rare Chinese Kung Fu film. The 1929 silent film is the only surviving episode in a thirteen part series. Devil Music Ensemble provided live music to boost the original folk music score.

WHEN THE FULL MOON RISES made it's Canadian premiere on Friday. The Malaysian film is a smorgasbord of genres, starting out with noir and, as programmer Todd Brown says,…

Community Donors Keep TmTm on the Air!

Thanks to everyone who called in/pledged on line on during TmTm's fundraising show on Saturday, Nov.7th. I was very lucky to have my usual team of on-site supporters to answer the phones and help me pitch on air. (L-R) Blogger Heidy M., Film Market Access founder, Kirk Cooper, and entertainer/activist, Sistah Lois.

Joining my favourite fundraising triumverate (below) were Ron Burd, CIUT Music Director and one of his assistants, Ming.

(L-R)The African Woman and Family's (12noon - 1:00PMMesfin at the control board; Sistah meets up with CKLN's Virlia and pitches in to support AFW.

CONGRATULATIONS! to Golan, who became a member of CIUT and won the TmTm Membership Prize pack and is in the running with all new members to win one of several CIUT grand prizes.

What's In The Bag? What You Could Win by Pledging $25 or More to The More the Merrier

Hello, arts lovers. Here's what's in the TmTm show prize pack (so far). One lucky member (pledge of $25 or more) will win ALL of these prizes. That person could be YOU. Good luck, and thanks for donating to The More the Merrier. (See details at right on how to pledge.)

First Weekend Club (Canada Screens Series)Tickets to Prom Night in Mississippi screening on Tues. Nov. 10th, 6pm. Drake Hotel Underground. Complimentary pre-screening drink + Talkback with filmmakers after the screening.

MEMBERSHIP DRAW! ONE lucky member (donations of $25 or more) will get ALL this!

Cinematheque Ontario
Wild River starring Lee Remick and Montgomery Clift, Nov. 21 7pm AND The Good, the Bad and the Ugly starring Clint Eastwood, Sun. Dec. 6th

Hart House Theatre Opening night performance to 2 plays:
A Midsummer Night's Dream Nov. 20th AND High Fidelity: January 15, 2010

Mirvish Productions
My Lesbian Mother's Jewish Wiccan Wedding Nov. 24th

Musicians in Ordina…