Monday, 9 November 2009

Community Donors Keep TmTm on the Air!

Thanks to everyone who called in/pledged on line on during TmTm's fundraising show on Saturday, Nov.7th. I was very lucky to have my usual team of on-site supporters to answer the phones and help me pitch on air. (L-R) Blogger Heidy M., Film Market Access founder, Kirk Cooper, and entertainer/activist, Sistah Lois.

Joining my favourite fundraising triumverate (below) were Ron Burd, CIUT Music Director and one of his assistants, Ming.

(L-R)The African Woman and Family's (12noon - 1:00PM Mesfin at the control board; Sistah meets up with CKLN's Virlia and pitches in to support AFW.

CONGRATULATIONS! to Golan, who became a member of CIUT and won the TmTm Membership Prize pack and is in the running with all new members to win one of several CIUT grand prizes.

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gordgin said...


I just want to thank you for putting out a great show every week.

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