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Director John Shooter on The Pitchfork Disney

I recently had the opportunity to see The Pitchfork Disney, directed by John Shooter. The play centres around a pair of siblings (Hayley and Presley Stray), living in a squalid East London flat, reminiscing about their dead parents while consisting on a diet of chocolate, mystery meds, and fear. To pass the time the siblings invent stories that are fantastical and nightmarish. Intruding on the Hansel and Gretel pair is Cosmo Disney, a circus-like character who possesses a twisted charisma that charms yet frightens Presley, and, later, Cosmo's sidekick, Pitchfork Cavalier.

donna g:The Pitchfork Disney is such a departure from Abigail's Party and Talking Heads. What precipitated the move in Precisely Peter Productions selecting Philip Ridley's play as its next theatrical offering?

John Shooter: When thinking of our mandate, l didn't want to be pigeonholed into doing specific types of plays, from a certain country, about a particular theme. I wanted to stage a diverse rang…

Hot Docs 2016 Interview: Katja Gauriloff on KAISA'S ENCHANTED FOREST

Kaisa'sEnchanted Forest is a very personal documentary for filmmaker, Katja Gauriloff', as it relates the Skokt Sámi culture and history of her great-grandmother, Kaisa (pictured left). Kaisa's story is inextricably linked to Swiss writer, Robert Crottet, whose dreams/hallucinations while suffering from tuberculosis, direct him to seek out the magical creatures and stories of northern Finland write about and film his experiences there. Below is my brief interview with the director of this fantastical documentary.

donna g: Most of us never have the opportunity to know our great-grandparents, but you knew your great-grandmother, Kaisa. She died when you were a child, but do you recall some of the stories she told you or is your knowledge based on the archival footage?

Katja Gauriloff: When I was a kid as I can recall things, our granny was already very old and lost her memory. I can remember some moments with her but she was already living in her past.

In that time she didn…