Wednesday, 12 March 2008

There's Something for Everyone in Canadian Films

Rent Canadian Next Time...

I love romantic movies and this one is one of my favourites. Set in Toronto (yes, Toronto plays Toronto not some generic city), the film stars Arsinee Khanjian as a 40 year old Muslim woman who falls in love with a non-Muslim. I enjoyed seeing Arsinee in something other than a heavy drama. Her portrayal of Sabah is very genuine, tender and funny. I especially loved the scene of Sabah's
tentative steps into the community swimming pool where she meets
the steamy Steven (Shawn Doyle) .


A fam
ily with 5 boys! That's enough to inspire the title of this film. In French with English subtitles, C.R.A.Z.Y is a family drama about one boy trying to define his place in his home and in society. With great performances, a nostalgic soundtrack that follows the growth of the family, C.R.A.Z.Y is a wonderful film filled with humour, mysticism, and a touchingly realistic father-son dynamic.

A Simple Curve
Usually "coming of age" films deal with the teenage years, but this film is about a twenty-something man who has to deal with his hippie parent, a family business on the brink of bankruptcy, and relationships with women. You could watch this film just for the beauty of the Kootnays, but the father-son relationship is so fresh and the dialogue so honest that this film will have you thinking about your own life choices.

Eve and the Fire Horse (for children)
Growing up in a Chinese family in 1970's Vancouver is a confusion of cultures and religions for 9 year old Eve. This film is a little too precious for me, but it offers images I have never seen on screen, and the young actors do a wonderful job. Give the kids something to watch beside Disney.


Unlike the films listed above, this film is for those who like dark comedies. I don't usually like "stoner" films, but this movie is so unpredictable, and the dialogue is so funny, that I had to cover my mouth when I saw it in the video library at the 2007 Toronto Film Festival. When the guy in front of me burst out laughing, I realized that he was watching a copy of the same film. What do you do when your buddy's girlfriend O.Ds, you try to bury her in the basement of the local drive in, and you run into a Satanic cult? And that's just the beginning of the film! Gather some like-minded friends and laugh your head off.

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I am big on Jannett Scott and was glad to see u featuring that kind of talent. I would like to hear more of your work also would like to emphasise jan. scott keep the link with Jamaica. Jackie haughton to J.S. "to the world"

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