Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Harbourfront Centre Delivers A Fresh Take on What is Classical

What is Classical?
Harbourfront Centre is posing this question in the title of its new summer festival, but I think they have already answered their own question. What is Classical? In this FREE festival it's everything from South Asian dance to Beijing Opera to films such as The Nomi Song (about an 80's icon, Kraus Nomi, who incorporated pop music into opera).
I was joined by Kerri Macdonald, Artistic Associate, to discuss the festival in detail and was pleasantly surprised at the scope of the festival and the fact that, as much as I love them, the usual suspects (Beethoven, Bach, Mozart) were not at the forefront of what Harbourfront will be offering the public from July 25th -27th. Often discussions of "classical" do not include music or culture from outside Europe; with this festival Harbourfront Centre shows that it is aware of this bias and is addressing it with a festival that will inform as well as delight. From a marketing perspective, this festival will appeal to the general publice but will also have niche appeal to the South Asian, Chinese and African communities. What's not to love?
Children are not forgotten in this festival as Sistah Lois (a frequent guest and supporter of The More the Merrier) will also be on hand to lead a drum and kazoo making workshop where the children actually get a chance to play the instruments they make. Cotton Robes Theatre is also presenting a children-friendly opera, Orphea and the Golden Harp. For more information check out www.harbourfrontcentre.com or call 416.973.4000

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