Sunday, 5 July 2009

Toronto Fringe Festival 2009: Two Worth Seeing

Two performances worth seeing at this year's Fringe are Fucking Stephen Harper and interrogation. Vastly different in tone, both plays will take you to unexpected places. Rob Salerno's one-man performance is the gay journalist's tale of the trials and tribulations he experienced while trying to get an interview with our nation's Prime Minister. Why is it called Fucking Stephen Harper? You'll have to see the comic piece to find out, but the play is aptly named. I can tell you that you will get a civics lesson that inspires thought and laughter.

On the other hand, "interrogation" is a tense psychological drama that evokes little laughter, while keeping us involved in the murky world of the real and the imagined. Writer and lead actor, Ben Noble is at his best in this demanding role.

Visit www.fringetoronto.comfor more information.

Photos by donna g

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