Wednesday, 16 September 2009

TIFF '09 Day 7: An Ape a Castaway and a Kitchen

Only 3 more days until TIFF '09 wraps up, so don't delay in getting tickets to these films:

THE APE Click the link or check out the TIFF programme book for the description of this Swedish because I'm not going to add anything else to Steve Gravestock's write-up. All I can say is that your curiosity will be aroused from the beginning of the film, and you will remain curious until the end of the film. Bring a friend or two for the lively discussion that is sure to follow.

CASTAWAY ON THE MOON A man attempting suicide ends up alive on an island in the middle of the Han River. The only person who seems to be aware that he is there is an agoraphobic young woman who enters his life on the island via her telescope. How these two characters have created their own spaces in the world, and how they connect with each other is highly amusing, sad and tender. I absolutely LOVED this movie.

SOUL KITCHEN Who says that TIFF only programmes for the older, established filmgoer? Soul Kitchen is filled with, of course, soul music, latin music, and even a bit of Greek music. This is a formulaic food movie about a guy with a failing restaurant, a parolee brother, and a girlfriend who has headed off to Shanghai. You can see where this film is going, but it doesn't matter because the cast is so good, and that's how it should be in this type of film. Director, Fatih Akin is not making high art here, he's making pure relateable entertainment, and that is exactly what he delivers. I had fun at this quirky German comedy.

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gigi said...

Great reviews, all three films are so good. I usually trust Steve Gravestock, so I wasn't surprised that The Ape was good, and Soul Kitchen I knew I would like going in, Fatih Akin also surprises me. The biggest revelation was Castaway on the Moon, I still can't believe how much I loved this movie, it is why I like going to TIFF.

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