Friday, 30 April 2010

What's Cooking at Hot Docs 2010

COOKING UP DREAMS introduced me to foods I had never even dreamed of: sweets, savories, mysteries...This unique mix of Peruvian flavours come together in a socially conscious film that will leave you curious, and wanting more--of the food and the culture. The chefs in the film want Peruvian food to be seen on par with French and Italian cuisine. They are not just interested in opening restaurants, they are hoping the development of Peruvian gastronomy will aid in the development of the Peruvian economy by providing food-related jobs to Peruvian people.

I have a lot of favourite scenes in this documentary that focuses on Peruvian restaurants and home cooking around the world, but I have to say the trip along the Amazon and the foods from the jungle made me want to jump on an airplane. The Amazon offers the world so much, and I hope seeing this film will make everyone realize that this is a special place that feeds us oxygen as well as food.
Friday, April 30, 6:30pm, Cumberland Cinema
Saturday, May 1, 1:30pm, Cumberland Cinema
Sunday, May 9, 9:30 pm Cumberland Cinema (added screening)

I still sometimes stumble upon independent stores that are cramped packed with "stuff". The owners are always extremely well-knowleged about their products, which is why if you find one of these stores you try to go back. For me it's a particular shoe repair shop where the owner can fix any and everything. He used to make shoes, but there's not much call for that in his store these days, just like there is no call for Jae-Gil's hardware store when the big box stores provide one stop shopping for all. SMALL WONDERS follows Jae-Gil, Norman, a photographer who has done over 15, 000 portraits and Peter a watch repairman. Jae-Gil, Norman and Peter know they are on borrowed time, as do we as we watch the film. You can't help but feel a bit of nostalgia for these fading business, and you grieve for them even as they live.
Friday, April 30, 9:30pm Cumberland Cinemas.
Sunday, May 2, 5:00pm Innes Town Hall

THE MIRROR was a bit of a disapointment for me. Yes, I was curious as to how the town of Viganella would bring "sunshine" to its courtyard via a huge mirror on a mountain, and that curiosity was satisfied, but the introduction of the "hippie" culture that lives on the mountain seems underdeveloped, as if they should have their own story instead of being inserted into this one. For 83 years the valley town of Viganella has lived in partial darkness. With the coming of the mirror, and the new interest in the town, will things change in this place where time seemed to have been stopped?
Monday, May 3, 7:30pm, Royal Cinema
Wednesday, May 5, 11;00am, ROM Theatre

Hot Docs (April 29th - May 9th)

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