Thursday, 6 May 2010

A SMALL ACT: My Favourite Film at Hot Docs 2010

In the '70s Hilde Back sent $15 a month to sponsor a child in Kenya. That child, Chris Mburu, would not have been able to afford secondary school without this money. Even though he was a brilliant student, his family was just too poor to afford this dream. Thanks to that small amount of money, Chris was able to go on to Harvard, and a job at the United Nations. Wanting to help other bright children in his village, Chris began a fund in Kenya to provide scholarships to local children who were smart but poor.

Education is the key to a future in Kenya, and an educated population will not be easily swayed by corrupt influences. Chris named the fund after Hilde Back, a Swedish woman, who did not have much, but shared what little she could. As Chris' sister says in the film, when you are in need there is no such thing a "too little". My favourite film of the festival. Please go see this. It will inspire you and reinforce the value of education as you watch 3 children attempt to win a scholarship so that they can provide for their families. Chris search for Hilde will also touche your heart.
Sun, May 09 8:15 pm Bloor Cinema

These Film Wasted My Time:
Anne Perry-Interiors. So boring! I had conversations with people as we left the theatre and we all agreed that the highlight was seeing the dog play with the ball. A wondeful story ruined by lack of editing.

Space Tourist. Great idea, but not well-realized. Poorly written script reduces this film to a plodding exercise with interesting details that lack focus.

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