Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Hot Docs: What's Your Favourite Film?

Have been having a sweet time at Hot Docs this year with most of my films rating 3 and above out of a possible 5. Which reminds me, when you go to Hot Docs, keep you ticket stub because that's how you vote for Audience Favourite. The back of your ticket is a ballot with a range of 1-5 (five being the highest rating). Just rip through the rating you want to give the film and when you come out of the theatre drop it in the box that the volunteers are holding. Do take the time to vote if you want your film to win. Each vote does count and benefits the director. Audience Favourite means a lot to them and their careers! So, what's your favourite film so far. Click the "comment" tab and follow the prompts. Happy Hot Doc-ing!

Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival
Runs until May 8th

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