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Too Tired to be Out and Proud? Check Out These DVDs

Kirk Cooper (Founder, Film Market Access) and I had a quick chat last Saturday about some of our favourite LGBT films. Some of the films on our lists are classics, a blast from the past and a couple of more recents DVD selections. Our list is just to get you thinking and/or started at your local DVD store. We couldn't list everything we liked or this would be a pretty looooong post. Trans advocate and CIUT 89.5 FM Host, Syrus Ware (Resistance on the Sound Dial) also added a couple of his faves to our list. (I passed him in the hallway at the station.) Feel free to add your faves by way of leaving a comment. What's on your list for Pride Week (or the rest of the year, for that matter)?

Kirk's Top 10 Countdown
10. “My Beautiful Laundrette” (1985)
9. “The History Boys” (2006)
8. “Torch Song Trilogy” (1988)
7. “Nico & Dani” (2000)
6. “Adventure of Priscilla Queen of the Desert” (1994)
5. “A Single Man” dir by Tom Ford (Colin Firth, Julianne Moore)
4. “Crazy” – (Canada )dir by Jean-Marc Vallée
3. “My own Private Idaho”- 1991 OR “Milk” – dir by Gus Van Saint
2. “Brokeback Mountain – 2005 OR “Wedding Banquet” 1993 dir by Ang Lee
1. “Maurice” 1987 dir by James Ivory

More recently played in a festival…
1. “Undertow” a.k.a “Contracorriente” from Colombia – Audience Choice at Sundance 2010
2. “Skoonheid” a.k.a “Beauty” from South Africa …played in Cannes 2011 won the Queer Palm

Syrus Ware's Faves (Resistance on the Sound Dial)
1. "xxy" (Argentina) 2007 dir. Lucia Puenzo
2. "Change" (USA) 2011 (short film) dirs. Jeff McCutcheon and Melissa Osborne
watch trailer at: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1735324/

donna g's list (alpha order)
1. "Beautiful Thing" (UK) 1996 dir. Hettie Macdonald
2. "Chutney Popcorn" (USA) 1999 dir. Nisha Ganatra
3. "Eleven Men Out" (Iceland) 2005 dir. Robert I. Douglas
4. "Love!Valour!Compassion" (USA) 1997 dir. Joe Mantello
5. "Mambo Italiano" (Canada) 2003 dir. Emile Gaudreault (set in Montreal)
6. "Queens/Reinas" (Spain) 2005 dir. Manuel Gomez Pereira, featuring a roster of Almodovar's female leads such as Marissa Paredes, Carmen Maura etc)
7. "Rope" (USA) dir. Alfred Hitchcock + "The Celluloid Closet" (must see doc) dir. Rob Epstein, Jeffery Friedman
8. "Saving Face" (USA) 2004 dir. Alice Wu (features Joan Chen)
9. "The Broken Hearts Club, A Romantic Comedy" (USA) dir. Greg Berlanti …meanwhile…
10. "Touch of Pink" (Canada) dir. 2004 dir. Ian Iqbal Rasid set in Toronto and London
11. "Transamerica" (USA) dir. Duncan Tucker

Guilty Pleasures:
"Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds" (USA) 2006 dir. Phillip J. Bartell (sex comedy, adult content), stars Jim Verraros from American Idol

"Fruit Fly" (USA) 2009 dir. H.P. Mendoza

In Theatres (check your local listings)
"Beginners" (Christopher Plummer, Ewan McGreggor) see my review
"Loose Cannons" (Italy) see my review

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Anonymous said...

Some of my favourites include:

About My Mother
Patrik 1.5
The Ritz
Brokeback Mountain
Maurice because Scudder is so dreamy.

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