Saturday, 31 December 2011

Do It In Public in 2012!

Isn't it past time for the "elitist" tag to be removed from the Arts? In 2012, stop defending and/or being embarrassed for choosing to feed your creative soul. So, what if some people at work think you're weird for seeing a play, a non-mainstream movie, or strolling through an art gallery? Have you ever meet a kid who didn't take crayon to a blank piece of paper with a fervor? Those children were always proud of their masterpieces. When did the drawing end, and why? Was it your decision, or was it imposed upon you by outsiders with their own agendas? Reclaim and proclaim your love of the arts in 2012! It's time to break free!

"I dropped my bags and did it in public! 
Show your public display of affection for the Arts in 2012!"

Photo taken at King and John Streets during the CONTACT Photography Festival.
Photo credit: Men in Cities Public Installation series by Robert Longo

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