Tuesday, 23 October 2012

TMTM Book Club Selection: LUCHADORAS by Peggy Adam

LUCHADORAS by PEGGY ADAM is our next Book Club selection.  Our on air discussion date: Sat. Nov. 17, 1-2pm on CIUT 89.5 FM or listen at www.ciut.fm 

Joining me in studio will be blogger, HeidyMo (http://hyemusings.blogspot.ca/) and Alan Harnum (Toronto Public Library). Read along with us (mature readers)!  This graphic book is available in the Toronto Public Library or at Comic/Graphic Book outlets.


The following copy about LUCHADORAS is from: 

Recommended for Mature Readers.
Chosen as part of the 2007 Sélection Officielle at the Angouléme International Comics Festival.
Since 1993, a grievous shadow has been cast over the Mexican border-city of Juárez. A tragic symbol of misogynist violence, Cuidad Juárez has been the scene of hundreds of feminicidios —the abduction and brutal murders of female victims aged between 12 and 22.
Referred to as ‘Las Muertas de Juárez’, many of these victims are found tortured, sexually abused, or disfigured – senseless atrocities that have caught international attention. With many of these cases still unresolved, some sources suggest the number of victims may even reach into the thousands.
It is in this harrowing real setting that we are introduced to Alma, a woman courageously attempting to escape her abusive gang-member fiancé. Following a violent altercation, she flees in the night, cementing her vow to never return by beginning a new relationship with a considerate stranger.
In this story of survival by any means necessary, Peggy Adam explores the complex issues surrounding the murders through the humanity of her characters. Truly a graphic novel of substance, Luchadoras asks the reader to consider where exactly the extents of morality lie in a corrupt society.
Luchadoras is like watching a piece of great world cinema… It’s a series of reminders that comics are made by people other than white male nerds, that comics don’t need high concepts, and that comics don’t require misanthropic navel-gazing to be gripping and important.”
- Danny Djeljosevic, Comics Bulletin (4 1/5 stars)
“Luchadoras is a concise, focussed gem that deserves to sit up there alongside epics like Los Bros Hernandez’ Love & Rockets and Jessica Abel’s La Perdida as another empathic, perceptive portrayal of troubling aspects of contemporary Mexican society.”
Paul Gravett
“Brilliant, brutal, and infused with the raw grace of a wounded panther, Luchadoras is so good, it hurts.”
– Jason Wilkins, Broken Frontier

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