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Nordic Films at TIFF KIDS International Film Festival2013

Me with Fridrik Fridriksson TIFF10
DID YOU KNOW my love of Nordic films was born out of attending Sprockets: The Toronto International Film Festival for Children? Well, Sprockets has morphed into TIFF KIDS International Film Festival, and Nordic flms continue to play a part in the festival's screening schedule. I attended the festival as an adult, but there is no reason why the children in your life can't get started on international films. Who knows, they may end of covering them at TIFF when they grow up. As for me, I continue to focus on Nordic films, and at TIFF10, I met and interviewed director, Fridrik Thór Fridriksson  who produced of one of my favourite films from Sprockets, Ikingut (2000).

Ella and Friends
When their beloved school is shut down by the schemes of a fame-hungry race-car driver, Ella and her friends must band together to take on their nemesis in the race of a lifetime!
Wednesday April 17
12:15 PM
Director: Taneli Mustonen
Country: Finland Year: 2012
Language: Finnish
Runtime: 81 minutes, Rating: G Ages 7,8,9,10

Will-Bot, an anxious outer-space patrol robot, learns that sometimes a stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet.
Saturday April 20 (Screening as part of Loot Bag: Destination Imaginiation)
12:45 PM
Director: Kim Hagen Jensen
Country: Denmark
Year: 2012
Language: No dialogue, 6 minutes, Rating: PG

Arriving in his eleventh new home in as many years, young boating enthusiast Eskil befriends the town eccentric, whose exciting secret project might just hold the key to a new life.
 Saturday April 20
3:15 PM
Director: Stephan Apelgren
Country: Sweden
Year: 2013
Language: Swedish, 98 minutes, Rating: Ages 9-13

Note: this film stars on of my favourite actor, Torkel Petersson, who I was first introduced to at TIFF '08 in Patrick Age 1.5.

Casper and Emma 
 The first feature film based on the bestselling Norwegian children’s novels, this unique live action/ animation hybrid introduces us to best friends Casper and Emma and their favourite stuffed animals, Miss Rabbit and Lion Cub.
Sunday April 21
2:30 PM
Director: Arne Lindtner Næss
Country: Norway
Year: 2012
Language: Norwegian
Runtime: 74 minutes
Cast: Nora Amundsen, Elias Søvold Simonsen, Janne Formoe, Hilde Lyrån, Markus Tønseth
Rating: G Ages: 6, 7, 8

April 9 - 21, 2013
Get Tickets: 416.599.TIFF | 1.888.599.8433 or http://tiff.net/tiffkids/festival/ticketinfo

Credits: film descriptions, stills courtesy of http://tiff.net/tiffkids/festival

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