Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Hot Docs Top Ten Audience Favourites

The top ten audience favourites as determined by audience vote are:
  1. MUSCLE SHOALS (D: Greg “Freddy” Camalier, USA)
  2. BLOOD BROTHER (D: Steve Hoover, USA)
  3. A WHOLE LOTT MORE (D: Victor Buhler, UK)
  4. THE PUNK SINGER (D: Sini Anderson, USA)
  5. LAST WOMAN STANDING (D: Lorraine Price, Juliet Lammers; Canada)
  6. SPRING & ARNAUD (D: Katherine Knight, Marcia Connolly; Canada)
  7. THIS AIN’T NO MOUSE MUSIC! (D: Chris Simon, Maureen Gosling, USA)
  8. MENSTRUAL MAN (D: Amit Virmani, Singapore, India)
  9. THE CRASH REEL (D: Lucy Walker, USA)
  10. THE GHOSTS IN OUR MACHINE (D: Liz Marshall, Canada)
For other award winners please visit: http://www.hotdocs.ca/news#hot_docs_2013_award_winners_announced

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