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Toronto ComiCon Artist Profile: Amy Spaulding

In the second of my Toronto ComiCon artist profile, I decided to check out the work of Amy Spaulding, gal pal of my first profile artist, Deena Pagliarello.

donna g: A lot of your work has a retro/pin-up feel. Could you please comment on why this style appeals to you?
created by Amy Spaulding
Amy Spaulding: This developed from a great love of mid-century style. Whether it be pulp fiction covers, pinups, advertising and travel posters etc. I am also a huge fan of rockabilly music which has greatly effected my aesthetic. Even my cats are named Wanda and Jackson. I also really appreciate how kitsch works so effortlessly well with geek culture and allows me to explore some lighter, humorous moments.

donna g: What software do you use to create your pieces?

Amy Spaulding: I actually create a majority of my work in Sketch Book Pro. For me it was the most intuitive software.  I originally was an oil painter and stumbled around in Photoshop but really found my technique and work flow beginning in Sketch Book. That being said almost every piece has likely passed through at least two of the programs before going to print.  Especially if it is a more design driven piece.

created by Amy Spaulding
As a general rule my more painterly work is done in Sketch Book Pro, type in Illustrator and then finished off in Photoshop where I edit and apply textures.

donna g: I can imagine that it must take passion to go to a con and sit at a booth and sell your work. At what age did you become interested in art, and what spurred you to enter the world of comic conventions?

Amy Spaulding: I have always been interested in art and I have been lucky to have that supported and nurtured my whole life.  After high school I went to Queen's University for a Bachelor or Fine Arts where I studied painting.  I did not really have a direction I wanted to take it.  I went back to school for Illustration at Sheridan and that really started helping things take shape.  My good friend Deena Pagliarello asked me to share a table with her at Toronto FanExpo five years ago. Up to that point it had been off my radar. It was overwhelming at first but by the end of the weekend I was hooked and have been adding more conventions every year.

donna g: Many fans attend conventions to meet their idols. Have you ever had a "fangirl" moment where you met an artist that you really admired?

created by Amy Spaulding.
Check out the Zombie eyes in the sword!
Amy Spaulding: Usually my mantra is: "just be cool". The more I do conventions and events the more my idols become my peers which is really an amazing thing to be able to say.  One convention though, a few years back, sticks out. I am not an autograph collector by any means but I had my sad dog-eared and well read volume one of Swamp Thing signed by Yanick Paquette.  He took the time to make a little watercolour sketch for me even though he was in the middle of a commission.  I think I called him dude and I just drifted back to my own table just staring down at it and hoping the crowd parted for me.  

donna g: Do you have any other cons coming up?

Amy Spaulding: Yes! Toronto ComiCon kicks off my convention season.  In a couple of weeks I am in Anaheim for Wonder Con, which is my first convention in the states.  I am at Ottawa Comic Con in May, Montreal in July and I am hoping to be back for FanExpo in September.  More will likely get added along the way.
You can find Amy at booth A03 in the Artist Alley, right next to Deena. Stop by and say hello.
More about Amy Spaulding
Want to find out more about Amy's "fan girl" artist, Yanick Paquette?
MARCH 20 - 22

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