Saturday, 2 February 2008

Feb. 2nd Show

Show went well today. After being out of the studio for a month, it was nice to be back. Like riding a bike in terms of operating the equipment ( I tech the show myself), and speaking to guests. Discussion with Kirk Cooper, Festival Consultant and Publicist, about Black film could have been a longer segment, but we touched on some interesting aspects about early film pioneers like Oscar Micheaux (, blaxploitation films and the films of Charles Burnett (, and film in the 80's by Spike Lee and the impact of The Colour Purple. Kirk will be back on the show Feb. 16th, where he and I will have our Oscar chat.

Yeti, aka. Lady Son ( talked about Salsa and its African roots, and about Salsa Africa at the Lula Lounge on Feb. 8th. She is the only woman participating in the collaboration of Latin and African artists, and encourages more women to join her in the Latin music scene.

With two guests in one hour, music was limited to:
-Shirley Horn, Loving You (CD), It Amazes Me (track played)

-Richard Underhill, Kinsington Suite (CD), Bike Lane (track played). Richard is one of the participating musicians in Salsa Africa.

-Dione Taylor, Open Your Eyes (CD), Hey, Baby and I've Got the World on a String (tracks played).

-Andy Palacio & the Garifuna Collective, Watina (CD), Miami (track played)

If you listened to the show, holla back and let me know what you think-dg


mlm said...

Feb 2 show - here's my holla - hmmnn..just like the baba shows preceding - IE GREAT. Conversations illuminating, music choices excellent..keep up the good work. More Dione Taylor always welcome - saw her sing at IAJE in the hotel lobby bar. So unique!

B-gurl said...

First time listener. Tuned in while in the car, so couldn't call for giveaways. Would have loved to win the tickets to Salsa Africa.

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