Sunday, 11 May 2008

The Show Must Go On

Dedicated volunteer programmer that I am, the Toronto Transit strike did not prevent me from walking for an hour to get to 91 St. George Street. Thankfully it was a nice day. My guests for that April 26th show were Jason Charters of Riddle Films, and Bill O'Meara, a piano accompanist for silent films and the Artitstic Director of Oganix, a pipe organ festival.

Talk about two interesting jobs! We had such a great conversation in front of the station that when it was time to go in and start the show, I decided that the conversation might as well continue on air. So, that hour we all discussed improvising music for a film that you may see only a few days before the screening (Bill was playing for the Von Sternberg series at Cinematheque Ontario), some of the tricks of the trade for silent film piano playing (like using phone numbers as musical notes to get out of a jam), the pipe organ that you can walk into, and Hot Docs--documentary content and the filmmaking process. It was a very fascinating hour, and I hope you enjoyed that show.

Photo Credit: TIFFG's Film Reference Library

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