Thursday, 29 May 2008

Please support the people of Myanmar by attending this fundraising screening of Mystic Ball at the Bloor Cinema on June 4th, 7:00 pm ($10)

I interviewed Greg Hamilton a few years ago when he first made this documentary, Mystic Ball. Greg visited Myanmar (Burma) and learned the non-competitive, highly challenging game of Chinlone, an ancient game that looks like a blend of soccer and a traditional Asian dance. Even though Greg had studied Martial Arts and was in great shape, he found himself outdone by the locals. Chinlone is played by men, women, and children and is a game that brings community together to celebrate the skill and beauty of the athlete. Greg was welcomed by the Burmese, who admired his attempt to learn their game and to learn from them. Now he is doing what he can out of respect and love of the Burmese people.
"Tapandancing", the solo performance aspect of Chinlone, is only performed by women.
The making of the Chinlone (cane ball)
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