Monday, 16 June 2008

Radio Okapi: Connecting the Congolese

Hope you had a chance to hear my interview (Sat. May 29th) with Pierre Mignault re: Radio Okapi, a Congolese radio station that is connecting people in the various regions by broadcasting their own stories. I learned about Radio Okapi after seeing Pierre's documentary (with Hélène Magny) of the same name at Hot Docs.

As career journalists, Pierre and Hélène have worked in danger zones, but what impressed them about working with Radio Okapi was the dedication of the reporters who risk their lives (they face death threats from politicians, the army and local officials) to bring people's voices to the public. They were equally impressed by the strength and courage of the local people talking about the brutal living conditions they face on a daily basis. For more information about Radio Okapi please visit (this site is in French) or choice of French or English).

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