Tuesday, 17 June 2008

"It's More Than a Stage...It's a Culture"

"It's More Than a Stage...It's a Culture" says producer/actress, Marcia Brown, well-known for her work in promoting Jamaican plays in her native Jamaica and in Canada. Many Jamaicans know her from her work with Oliver Samuels, but Brown has been striving to continue and develop the production of Jamaican works since she arrived in Canada many years ago.

With the new play, Common-Law, Brown brings to the stage the issue of relationships that last for many years without benefit of marriage. In the play, such a relationship comes to an abrupt end when the man announces to his "wife" that he is leaving her after 15 years to marry another woman. The communal aspect of Jamaican theatre, where the audience responds vocally to what is happening on stage, is one of the sweet treats of watching a Marcia Brown production, and I can't wait to hear the audience's reaction to this plot revelation! Brown says this is a "Ladies Night" play so call up your girlfriends and enjoy! Visit www.marciabrownproductions.com for more information.Children's theatre and Jamaican theatre all in one show!

Kathleen Phillips of Cow Over Moon Children's Theatre joined me by phone during the second half of my show to talk about the company's performance of Three Magic Wishes. Cow Over Moon adapts traditional children's stories and updates them with music and movement to make plays an interactive experience for children. Three Magic Wishes will be performed during the Fringe Festival this year, continuing the festival's mission to introduce children to theatre in a variety of styles. Click on the links to find out more information about the play or the Fringe.

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