Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Supporting the Independents on Community Radio

The Worldwide Short Film Festival is now over for 2008 and I am happy to report that one of my favourite films at WWSFF, The Answer Key, is now an award-winner! Congratulations to Brendan Steacy for his well-deserved award in Cinematography. Director Samir Rehman and actor Joe Pingue (the two met in kindergarten) of The Answer Key were my first guests on this past Saturday's show. The two, along with screenwriter, Sean Moore, have created the wonderful story about a society in which people were dying of terminal loneliness (think Marty with a touch of Philip K Dick). Rehman's tight editing (hurray a director who knows how to edit well--you all know about my disdain for bad editing!), Pingue's embodiment of sadness is well-captured by Steacy's wash of greeny browns and subtle rust tones, as well as productions designer Jim Goodall brilliant set.

It was a day for independent artist as I was next joined on the show by Empress Lyrics discussing the challenges faced by single female reggae singers in terms of sexual propositions and getting air play when your name is not known. She keeps her lyrics clean and positive. Visit her myspace page and check her out:

The beauty of community radio is that as a programmer I chose the music I play and as long as you are good you will get some air time. Any artist is welcome to send their CDs to our Music Department (go to for the contact info). Look for Empress Lyrics performing around town and selling her CDs at a mall near you!

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