Thursday, 14 May 2009

Inside Out '09: Paternal Instincts

Never been to Inside Out? Tonight's Gala screening of PATRIK AGE 1.5 is a film that I can highly recommend. I saw this film at TIFF last September, and am going to see it again, I loved it so much. The basic premise is this: a gay couple think they have adopted a baby aged 1.5 year; instead, a mix-up occurs and they end up with a rebellious, straight, homophobic 15 year-old.

What I absolutely loved about this film is the way in which it handles the topic of paternal instincts. There is a scene in which one of the characters is on a bus and we see him watching a mother interacting with her baby. He looks at the scene with such yearning that it makes your heart ache. In Swedish with English subtitles. Don't even think of being scared off by the subtitles!

Here's a look at the trailer:

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