Friday, 15 May 2009

Inside Out: Why Not Try A Little Something Spanish?

It's not my sole intention to send you to subtitled films at Inside Out, but how could I resist telling you about CHEF'S SPECIAL (Fuera de carta), a Spanish comedy that has two actors from films by Pedro Almodóvar: Javier Cámara (Talk to Her, Bad Education) and Lola Dueñas (Talk to Her, Volver). Like last night´s Opening Night Swedish film, PATRIK AGE 1.5, this film also deals with the paternal instinct. In this case, however, there is a lack of fatherly nurturing on the part of restaurant manager Maxi (Cámara) towards his two children. Meanwhile, Maxi's maitre d', Alex (Dueñas) develops a fascination with neighbourhood hunk. I'm not expecting Almodóvar, but this film has won some Spanish awards, and I don't think Almodóvar is the type of director to rehire actors if they aren't good. I've also seen these actors in these films and liked their performances. Vamanos! See you at the Bader Saturday night at 9:45 PM!

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