Monday, 19 October 2009

ImagNative Film & Media Arts Festival: Closing Night Images

ImagineNative Executive Director, Kerry Swanson; Barking Water director, Sterlin Harjo

Sterlin Harjo, director, Adam Garnet Jones (Wave a Red Flag) and Kerry Swanson

Imaginative Board/Events Team Member, Gail Maurice leads Closing Night Q & A. Gail is also a director/writer/producer; Sterlin Harjo, Adam Garnet Jones and Gail Maurice

Gail Maurice; Adam Garnet Jones and Gail

Closing Night performers wrap up ImagineNative on a great note.

Photo Credit: all photos by donna g. Location: Royal Cinema on College Street.

1 comment:

jamied said...

it was a great festival, a lot of interesting people and some really good films. Thanks for the coverage

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