Sunday, 4 October 2009

Toronto Theatre Scene: September '09

The thing I love about theatre is the fact that no two audiences will ever experience the same play. The actors and words will be the same, but the magic of the evening comes from the synergy that is created by the individuals that comprise the audience in which you sit. Unlike film that you now can rent on DVD or see at a second-run movie house, once a play's run has ended you can't always depend on a remount. Theatre is ephemeral, so my varied theatre experience for October 2009 rests solely in these pictures and in the wonderful memories I have of each. (Farley Flex and me at Secrets)

Secrets of a Black Boy Opening Night at the Danforth Music Hall

The t-shirst seen around Toronto all summer; playwright/actress, Trey Anthony sister of Secrets' playwright, Darren Anthony I love the new look of urban theatre that Darren has created with his play about 5 black men sharing their intimate thoughts.

Rowan Starr (Student Council President, Westview Centennial) and friend, Wendy Nash; my bad picture of a very beautiful woman, Gloria (mother of award-winning Blues singer, Shakura S'Aida)

Dora Award-winning actress, Alison Sealy-Smith of Obsidian Theatre Company. By the way, if you've never seen Alison in the Don Cheadle film, Talk to Me, you need to rent it. NOW.; actress, Kim Roberts

Alameda Theatre Company's, The Refugee Hotel

The cast takes a bow on the stage of Theatre Passe Muraille This must be a satisfying and cathartic moment from playing refugees fleeing Chile after the 1973 coupe d'etat. The play is a good mix of drama with comic elements brought about by language mix-ups and life itself.

Nursery School Musical

This social satire about the Mommy Mafia and entitled parents also raised funds for ALS. A draw is done at the end of the play. The winner donated the cash winnings and took home some toys instead.

Bobby del Rio's 3 Plays About Toronto Theatre

Multi-media artist/musician,Jamilah of Abstract Random poses on the set of 3 Plays (the stage is somebody's living/dining room/kitchen); 3 Plays author, Bobby del Rio poses in the kitchen that is sometimes a kitchen or a bar.

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gordo said...

Its nice to know that theatre in Toronto is thriving. Congratulations to all those involved in these different but equally great shows. Please we need to see more diverse theatre in Toronto.

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