Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Toronto After Dark Film Festival: Eli Roth Premiere's The Last Exorcism in Toronto

I had a fantastic time at Toronto After Dark Film Festival (TADF)last night: Eli Roth (irresistibly funny and good looking, what a combo?) and the cast of The Last Exorcism, which Roth produced. Roth’s enthusiasm about the film was so expansive, I’m sure it reached beyond the balcony of the eight-hundred seat Bloor Cinema and out onto the streets. Roth is no stranger to Toronto or to genre films (he is the director of Hostel), so when Adam Lopez, founder of TADF, asked him to premiere the Toronto release of The Last Exorcism at the festival, Roth was eager to do so. Roth praised Toronto audiences for understanding and appreciating indie genre films, and urged us to spread the word about his film. He also promised to give oral sexual favours to all of us if we promoted his film—his two leads also gestured that they would do the same (it was that kind of night). Judging from the reactions last night, I don’t think Roth or the cast have to worry too much about negative comments on social networking sites (whether the sexual favours are granted or not).

In photos: Adam Lopez; Adam and Eli Roth; Adam welcomes the leads of The Last Exorcism, Ashley Bell (Nell Sweetzer) and Patrick Fabian(Cotton Marcus)

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