Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Toronto After Dark Film Festival: Game Night, Anyone?

GAME NIGHT(the filmmaking team).
TADFF supports Canadian filmmakers each night by showing a short film before each feature. Last night we, at the Bloor Cinema, had the delightful pleasure of watching friendship go down the tubes when playing an old VHS board game leads to dangerous revelations. Beware of clowns! Game Night was shot in 100 hours and was the recipient of the 2009 Film Racing Grand Prix. I hope this film plays at many festivals so that people can get a chance to see this deliciously funny short. It does what a short film should do: keep your script simple, keep the story focussed and get some good actors. It's 3 out of 3 for Game Night. Gspan style="font-weight:bold;">Game Night screened before Phobia 2 and The Pickles Shane (filmmakers not in attendance) screened prior to All About Evil.

What are you doing After Dark?
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Tickets: $13 more for galas

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