Monday, 13 September 2010

TIFFF 2010: Blessed Events (Glückliche Fügung)

Met director, Isabelle Stever and actress Annika Kuhl yesterday. Very nice women, a bit shy, and concerned about their English (they are German), but I had a good time speaking with them about their film, BLESSED EVENTS (Glückliche Fügung). The interview is in the bag, so stay tuned for that to air on CIUT 89.5 FM in the upcoming months. In the mean time you can catch this very original film based on the short story by Anke Stelling. Kuhl plays Simone, a very lonely, insecure woman who becomes pregnant from a one-night stand. When she runs into the father, she is surprised that he wants to become part of her life. The two become a couple and set up home, but Simone's lack of confidence undermines every step of the relationship. She cannot understand why a man like Hannes (Stefan Rudolph) would be interested in her. In contrast to Simone's distant emotions and anxieties, Hannes is warm and caring--he is the perfect nurse caring for dying people.

The tension that builds in this dialogue-sparse film is unsettling to the viewer. We become as tightly wound as Simone, and can never really relax, always wondering what she is thinking and what her reaction will be to certain situations. Hannes, whom the director chose to shoot out of scene or just slightly in frame (we rarely get a had on shot of him) is never there to reassure us of what is going on; so we are forced to rely on Simone's reactions. This being the case, we have to figure things out for ourselves. There are time when you want to shout at Simone that Hannes really loves her, damnit!, but would she even understand us when she has such a hard time believing in her good fortune?

If you like puzzles, and figuring things out as the story unfolds, the this film is for you. Don't forget to share your thoughts by leaving a comment.

BLESSED EVENTS (Glückliche Fügung)
Wednesday September 15 2:45:00 PM AMC 3
Sunday September 19 8:30:00 PM SCOTIABANK THEATRE 11

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