Saturday, 2 July 2011

Are They Trying to Seduce You?

Hey, TmTm listeners. Here is a list of the titles, show times of the 9 Fringe companies that dropped by CIUT's second floor studio to convince you to go see their shows. Who succeeded, who didn't get you to fall for their sweet words? Only their box office takes will know for sure;-) All tickets are an affordable $10. For complete information on How to Fringe, please visit the Toronto Fringe Theatre Festival website at

Excuse Me, Would You Like to Buy a Bar?by Wesley J. Colford
(search our title on Facebook)
presented by Don’t Panic Productions from Toronto, ON
Director: Marc Richard
Genre: Comedy, Drama

Outside of time, six people are trapped in an absurd cycle of broken dreams and regret. Their only hope: one boy on a mission to sell the most chocolate bars and be the best. A play that challenges the intentions and methods of teachers and parents, students and children, lovers of all creeds, and above all, the human artist. It’s better than Llama Cats.

*Winner of the Tarragon Theatre 2010 Under 20 Playwriting Competition.*Presented in partnership with the Paprika Festival.

Venue 5 The Solo Room (at the Randolph Academy)
60 min.

Wed, July 6 8:15 PM 502
Sat, July 9 8:30 PM 514
Mon, July 11 7:30 PM 522
Tue, July 12 6:45 PM 525
Thu, July 14 9:45 PM 535
Fri, July 15 5:15 PM 536
Sun, July 17 5:45 PM 547

Finally: An Epic Cycle
by Sarah Cody
presented by Phone It In Productions from Toronto, ON
Director: Joanne Williams
Genre: Comedy
Warning: Mature Language

It was only a matter of time. It took nearly half a century, but finally the unthinkable has happened: The Leafs made it to the finals. Gen has a problem: she’s misplaced her tickets... Just hours before the game. Stories collide in this quirky comedy that explores the world of bike messengers, relationships and underdog hockey franchises.

Venue 8 Helen Gardiner Phelan Playhouse
60 min.

Fri, July 8 1:15 PM 807
Sat, July 9 9:15 PM 818
Mon, July 11 10:45 PM 831
Tue, July 12 4:45 PM 834
Thu, July 14 9:30 PM 850
Fri, July 15 5:15 PM 855
Sat, July 16 1:45 PM 860

The Giant’s Garden
by Peter Fenton & Scott White
presented by The Giant Collective from Toronto, ON
Director: Scott White
Choreographer: Laura Caswell
Cast: Paula Wolfson, Mark Terene, Michael MacLennan, Dale Miller, Jody Osmond, Laura Caswell, Lucas Meeuse, Tara Lisowski Genre: Family, Musical

From the composer who brought you the Fringe hit Top Gun! The Musical, comes a new show of epic proportions. Travel into The Deep Dark Forest and experience a tale of bravery, friendship and the power of love. Featuring a cast of 13 colourful characters, and a score filled with unforgettable songs, The Giant’s Garden will enchant children and adults alike.

Venue 6 George Ignatieff Theatre
90 min.

Wed, July 6 10:30 PM 603
Sat, July 9 5:15 PM 616
Mon, July 11 8:00 PM 630
Tue, July 12 3:00 PM 633
Thu, July 14 Noon 645
Fri, July 15 8:45 PM 657
Sat, July 16 4:00 PM 661

Gravestone Posse
by The Canadian Space Opera Company
presented by The Canadian Space Opera Company from Toronto, ON
Genre: Play, Comedy
Cast:Nike Abbott, Don Berns, Paul Koster, Jorge Moreira, Rhonda Riche, Jeff Santos, Tracy Shea-Porter, Dave Till, Scott Watkins, Cary West,
Mallory Williams
Warning: Gunshots

The creators of the 2008 Fringe hit “Casa De Los Fantasmas” (**** - EYE) return with another chilling radio drama! Tired of the endless bloodshed, James “Blasting” Pitt, deadliest gunman in the Wild West, wants to settle down with a wife, family, and Sears Roebuck catalog. Little does James know his victims have returned from the grave, seeking revenge...

Venue 22 CIUT Radio Station, Hart House Map Room (Site Specific at 7 Hart House Circle, U of T)
60 min.

Wed, July 6 8:00PM 2201
Thu, July 7 8:00PM 2202
Fri, July 8 1:00PM 2203
Sat, July 9 1:00PM 2204
Sun, July 10 8:00PM 2205
Wed, July 13 8:00PM 2206
Thu, July 14 8:00PM 2207
Fri, July 15 8:00PM 2208
Sat, July 16 1:00PM 2209
Sun, July 17 8:00PM 2210

Jungle 1/I Spy
by Urban Jungle Theatre
presented by Urban Jungle Theatre from Toronto, ON
Director: Gillian Street
Cast: Michael Atlin, Lindsay Bellaire, Sedina Fiati, Jen Hum, Madeleine Jullian, Kaylan Worsnop, Adrian Yearwood
Genre: Play, Physical Theatre

Jungle 1 is a collaborative site-specific piece by the newly formed Urban Jungle Theatre. Our ensemble of seven highly talented performers are hard at work creating an innovative and engaging piece of theatre to liven up your summer. In the meantime, you can go online to visit our blog and see video clips of the work at

Venue 21 Central Technical School (Site Specific at 725 Bathurst Street)
60 min.

Wed, July 6 7:00PM 2101
Thu, July 7 7:00PM 2102
Fri, July 8 7:00PM 2103
Sat, July 9 7:00PM 2104
Sun, July 10 7:00PM 2105
Tue, July 12 7:00PM 2106
Wed, July 13 7:00PM 2107
Thu, July 14 7:00PM 2108
Fri, July 15 7:00PM 2109
Sat, July 16 7:00PM 2110
Sun, July 17 7:00PM 2111

The Billy Willy Show
by Billy Willy
presented by Billy Willy from Friendly, West Virginia, USA
Director: Billy Willy
Cast: Billy Willy
Genre: Comedy, Musical
Warning: Mature Language

The Billy Willy Show is an old-fashioned barn dance radio program hosted by America’s least favorite country and western superstar. Between songs, Billy Willy shares his hilarious hard-luck stories and masterfully combines stand-up and storytelling in a surreal satire about one cowboy’s obsession with country music, success, and celebrity.

Venue 5 The Solo Room (at the Randolph Academy)
45 min.
Thu, July 7 6:00 PM 504
Fri, July 8 4:45 PM 508
Sat, July 9 10:15 PM 515
Sun, July 10 2:45 PM 516
Tue, July 12 8:30 PM 526
Wed, July 13 6:30 PM 529
Fri, July 15 10:30 PM 539
Sat, July 16 8:00 PM 543

The Soaps -The Live Improvised Soap Opera
by The National Theatre of the World
presented by The National Theatre of the World from Toronto, ON
Director: The Company
Cast: Matt Baram, Christy Bruce, Chris Gibbs, Ron Pederson, Jim Annan, Albert Howell, Scott Montgomery, Paul Bates, Lisa Brooke, Aurora Browne and special guests every show
Musical Director: Bob Derkach!
Genre: Comedy
Warning: Mature Language

Each night a cast of Toronto’s best improvisers will create a new episode of an ongoing story packed with drama, romance, intrigue, twists and betrayal. Just like a real soap opera, but funny on purpose. Our story takes us behind the scenes of an ego clashing theatre company as they scramble towards the opening night of the most powerful play ever written!
*Fringe Fundraiser Show

Venue 3 Bathurst Street Theatre
60 min.

Fri, July 8 3:30 PM 308
Sat, July 9 9:15 PM 318
Tue, July 12 5:00 PM 334
Wed, July 13 7:30 PM 342
Fri, July 15 7:30 PM 356
Sat, July 16 4:00 PM 361
Sun, July 17 Noon 366

The Travelling Salesman & His Magical Suitcase of Desires!
by Vincenzo Aliberti
presented by Zanni Arte Productions from Toronto, ON
Director: Teodoro Dragonieri
Genre: Comedy, Physical Theatre

What would you do if someone offered the one thing you always wanted? When a mysterious salesman with his magical suitcase comes to town, these unsuspecting townsfolk find out...the hard way! This is a story for all ages, told in the style of COMMEDIA DELL’ARTE, by colourful characters in hilarious situations. Come and get the one thing YOU always wanted.

Venue: FringeKids - Palmerston Library Theatre
60 min.

Thu, July 7 4:00 PM 3003
Fri, July 8 6:15 PM 3010
Sat, July 9 11:00 AM 3012
Sun, July 10 2:15 PM 3020
Tue, July 12 11:00 AM 3030
Wed, July 13 4:30 PM 3039
Fri, July 15 11:15 AM 3048
Sat, July 16 7:30 PM 3059

Tyumen, Then
by Adam Underwood
presented by October Theatre from Toronto, ON
Director: Andrea Donaldson
Cast: Adam Lazarus, Lyon Smith, Kevin MacDonald
Set & Costume Design: Jung-Hye Kim
Sound Design: Verne Good
Genre: Play
Warning: Smoking,
Graphic Violence

July 4th, 1941: Locked in the boxcar of a motionless train, somewhere between Moscow and Siberia, two confined soldiers guard the rousing corpse of Vladimir Lenin. Join this award-winning assembly of Toronto theatre artists for a ruthless, wicked, seriously unhinged satire about ideology, war, and survival.
*Fringe Fundraiser Show

Venue 9 Robert Gill Theatre
60 min.
Fri, July 8 11:00 PM 912
Mon, July 11 8:45 PM 931
Tue, July 12 4:30 PM 935
Wed, July 13 12:15 PM 939
Thu, July 14 7:00 PM 950
Fri, July 15 6:15 PM 956
Sat, July 16 1:45 PM 961

Tickets are $10 at the door. At-The-Door Tickets are available at a show’s venue starting one hour prior to show time, cash sales only, limit of 4/person.

FringeKids Tickets are $5 for ages 12 and under.

In person Tickets are available at The New Festival Box Office (July 6-17, 12-9pm) - @ The Fringe Club, 581 Bloor St. W.

By Phone at 416-966-1062 or 1-866-515-7799, July 2-17, every day, 10am-6pm

For COMPLETE Details Visit:

Photos: courtesy of show websites
Descriptions: courtesy of Fringe website.


Anonymous said...

Who was on the phone?

donna g said...

Will, Billy Willy's gardener joined me by telephone from Billy Willy's home in West Virginia. Billy Willy was at a car wash trying to raise some funds; his Genius Sperm Bank had hit hard financial times.

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