Saturday, 16 July 2011

Fringe Review: Go F#$% Yourself, Nikki and Terry (You Know What I Mean)

Go F#$% Yourself (You Know What We Mean)
by Ted Hollister’s Cow (Terry Clement & Nikki Payne)
presented by Ted Hollister’s Cow from Toronto, ON
Director: Terry Clement and Nikki Payne
Cast: Terry Clement, Nikki Payne
Genre: Comedy, Sketch
Warning: Strobe Light, Fog Machine, Gunshots, Nudity, Sexual Content, Graphic Violence, Mature Language, Audience Participation

DESCRIPTION: Nikki Payne and Terry Clement join forces to present an experimental comedy sketch show under the name of “Ted Hollister’s Cow”. Songs, sketches, stand-up and other forms of comedy starting with the letter “s” will be thrown at the audience in an attempt to make them laugh. “Go F#$% Yourself” is not a show for children OR serious adults.

Rating: ****½ 4½ /5 Stars
My Review: Go F#$% yourself, Nikki Payne! I say that with love because you entertained the crap out of me, and I say that with utter condemnation because you have ruined, absolutely ruined, one of my favourite songs! Damn you, for making me love you, you saucy, foulmouthed comedic siren! Before the show had even began you made us love you, with music pumping as we walked in and you on stage welcoming us to your party, ushering us to available seats. You made us love your lowbrow interpretation of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf (nice hooters!) and your Nana porn poetry. As for you Terry, you wanna be Spelling Bee Champion, I love/hate you for the acerbic, fatalistic, life lessons Grampa taught Little Sally (I’ll never use a squirt gun again without seeing Little Sally’s face). The two of you may not be Fred and Ginger, and your dancing social commentary is so unworthy of So You Think You Can Dance Canada but you almost had me falling out of my chair with laughter. To top it all off, you made my cry tears of extreme love and loss with your final pièce de résistance. And, even as a longed for more, more, more, you left me with a darkened stage...The Fringe may be over, but you've got a stalker now you talented, comedic F#$%S!

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