Wednesday, 14 September 2011

TIFF 11: My I Recommend...Death of a Superhero

Why should you see a film about a teenage boy with cancer? Because it's not all gloom and doom! Without making light of the serious topic of disease, director, Ian FitzGibbon (A Film With Me In It) has managed to create a film that is neither depressing nor condescending. I haven't read Anthony McCarten's book, but his adaptation of his work for the screen will have me hunting it down after the festival. Whatever the collaboration between, FitzGibbon and McCarten, the end result is a movie that has all the usual elements of a teen flick (insecurities, school, parents, love, alcohol) with great comic book style animation, humour and most importantly, a fantastic cast.

Thomas Brodie-Sangster, the kid from Love, Actually, has grown into a skinny teen, and he still has the same screen chemistry that makes you fall in love with him and protect him from the world. His acting range is incredible, which is mandatory in a film that demands a chiaroscuro of emotions from his character, Donald. Andy Serkis, who plays Donald's shrink in the film, needs to do more roles as a human. His understated acting style turns this stock character into a believable individual. The remaining cast members are equally impressive in their respective roles, resulting in an ensemble piece that all should be proud to add to their acting credits. It's not often that a film can capture both the teen viewer as well as the adult viewer, but this one does so very successfully.

Saturday September 17, AMC 7, 1:00pm

Toronto International Film Festival
Sept. 8-18, 2011

416-599-8433 or 1-800-599-8433

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