Sunday, 11 September 2011

TIFF 11: Yo! Bro! (Doppelgänger Paul)

Doppelgänger Paul
Co-directors Dylan Akio Smith and Kris Elgstrand

This film is part of the VANGUARD programme at TIFF which is made up of "films that defy convention; twisting genres, styles and narrative structures to tell fresh and provocative stories that challenge our social and cultural assumptions" I couldn't think of a better place for Doppelgänger Paul. It's a buddy comedy in the sense that the two men, Karl (Tygh Runyan) and Paul (Brad Dryborough) have formed a relationship of sorts. Their bond is tentatively based on things they have in common such as writing and gazing at women they are interested in but are too socially inhibited to approach. Their alliance is the equivalent of wearing a new dress shirt and feeling an elusive pin pricking your skin continually. When they discover that the book that Karl gave to Paul to read has been published by two other buddies, Karl and Paul go on a road trip to investigate. You can watch this comedy for its surface delights and/or you can indulge in the philosophical observations about the nature of duality, the ambiguity of male friendship, and even the social commentary on the publishing industry. However you approach Doppelgänger Paul, you will be taken in by its absurdist charm, especially if you have enjoyed the film versions of works by Charlie Kauffman (Adaptation).

Monday September 12, AMC 2, 9:15pm
Wednesday September 14, AMC 9, 3:00pm
Saturday September 17, AMC 2, 7:00pm

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