Monday, 14 May 2012

China Heavyweight Scores!

It's not easy for a Canadian film to make it past the first week-end screening at your local cinema, and for a documentary, the chances of getting bums in seats on that all important first week-end is rare (unless you're Michael Moore), but Oshwa's own, Yung Chang has scored with his latest project, CHINA HEAVYWEIGHT.

Recently screened at Hot Docs Canadian International Film Festival, CHINA HEAVYWEIGHT tells to story of two Chinese youth who have been recruited to train for the Olympics. Under the guidance of Coach Qi Moxiang, a former "boxing king", the young men struggle to maintain the mental and physical conditioning it takes to be successful, ever mindful of the fact that if they fail, they will have to return to poverty and the backbreaking labour of the countryside.

Screening at The Varsity Cinema
55 Bloor Street West (inside the Manulife building)

Yung Chang talks about getting the right shots for China Heavyweight:

Sound designer Kyle Stanfield talks about creating the sound for the film:

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