Wednesday, 2 May 2012

My Thoughts On...Only The Young, Buzkashi!

Twenty-something directors, Elizabeth Mims and Jason Tippet followed their teenage subjects, Garrison, Kevin and Skye for 2 years, capturing the dynamic of friend-ship (romantic and non-romantic), their concerns, and their unique expressions.  Wonderful cinematography and pacing invites you into the specific world of these Canyon Country, California teens that is relatable for young viewers and unexpectedly delightful for the adults.
Thu, May 3 5:30 PM
Bloor Hot Docs Cinema 

Sun, May 6 4:30 PM
TIFF Bell Lightbox 2

"The horses play as much as the people," says director Najeeb Mirza, describing the melee that's part of the game of Buzkashi. IThis hectic, dangerous game evolved from dragging wolves away from sheep, but now the wolves are replaced by a goat carcass that must cross the goal post. Tajikistan champion Azam, plays the game the traditional way, as an individual, but others are introducing a new way of playing this thousand year old game. Where the individual used to be championed for his strength and depiction of honour, now champions from other districts are teaming up to change the sport together, making it very hard for one man to win.  Director, Mirza and his crew did an incredible job of capturing the speed of the game using helmet, horse and tire cams, and an equally good job of photographing the hills and villages of Tajikistan.
Sun, May 6 9:00 PM
Cumberland 2

Hot Docs
Canadian International Documentary Festival
April 26 - May 6
Tickets: or  416-637-5150
Box Office: 783 Bathurst Street (south of Bloor)

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