Tuesday, 9 September 2008

donna g's TIFF 08 Coverage: Day 6 a.k.a I'm Tired Y'all

My first film of the day and in a packed Press and Industry screening at the Varsity, I think I must have been one in a handful of people who did not like this movie. Great beginning with a great cast of children. Too bad they had to grow up. I have loved Danny Boyle's work in the past and am sure I will films of his in the future. Next.

As I said, lots of people will like this, so here are the upcoming screenings:
Wednesday September 10 03:15PM RYERSON
Saturday September 13 07:15PM AMC 10

Public screening this time round. This doc is an examination of the Nollywood movie industry that has taken over the African continent, the Caribbean and North America. At the forefront of this developing film industry is Peace Anyiam-Fiberesima, a woman determined that as the industry develops, that Nollywood will continue to produce films by and for the African people.

Catch these upcoming screenings:
Wednesday September 10 02:15PM AMC 1
Saturday September 13 06:15PM AMC 9


Reminiscent of Before Sunrise except it's set in San Francisco and the lead actress is channeling Jean Seberg in Breathless rather than Julie Delpy. Written while the director was working at Banana Republic and made on a shoestring budget (the leads were the only ones paid), this is a sweet romance with interesting characters and dialogue. First time feature director, Barry Jenkins' use of desaturated colours brings a fresh take to this romance, while displaying San Francisco in splendor that would rival Woody Allen's New York.

I'm looking up the soundtrack because I think I want to buy everything that was played.


I'm glad to see Akin back at TIFF. I had a chance to interview his a couple of years ago. This new short deals with an avenging friend using religious metaphors. The whole film is compiled of still photography and is as arresting in its images as it is in it's sound mixing.

Catch both films on:
Wednesday September 10 05:45PM AMC 2

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