Friday, 12 September 2008

donna g's TIFF 08 Coverage: Day 9 a.k.a Two for Saturday + Sorry, Brothers Bloom

Canadian or Spanish? The choice is yours tomorrow morning.


First time director, Lyne Charlebois, shows confidence in this tale of a young woman dealing with her sexual addiction and turning 30. Isabelle Blais is outstanding in the role of Kiki Labrèche. I especially love the shots of Kiki at various ages walking side by side with herself or passing herself on the street. This film is one of those instances where nudity and sexuality are an integral part of the script and not simply for titilating purposes. I've had a crush on Jean-Huges Anglade since Nikita, and it was a welcome treat for me to see him on screen.

Final Screening:
Saturday September 13 12:00PM VARSITY 1

RETURN TO HANSALA (RETORNO A HANSALA This is one of my favourite shots in this film.

In 2002, director Chus Gutierez explored the issue of illegal Moroccans working in Andalusia in her film, Poniente. In this year's Return to Hansala, we get the story of an Andalusian traveling with a young woman to her village to return her brother's body after it was washed up on the Spanish shores. This is a beautiful film in which the characters are humanized by their personal conflicts and mutual understanding. The music by Tao Gutiérrez is a fitting backdrop to this road picture, featuring two lead actors (Farah Hamed and José Luis García Pérez)whose performances brilliant and unaffected.

Final Screening:
Saturday September 13 01:00PM VARSITY 6

THE BROTHERS BLOOM I loved this scene with Rachel Weisz and Adrien Brody, which is why I'm so sorry I forgot to mention it in my post last night.

Despite the weak ending, I enjoyed this con game movie with Weisc, Brody, Mark Ruffalo (the other Bloom brother) and Rinko Kikuchi. Director, Rian Johnson, follows his debut picture (Brick)with this lively, character-driven film that entertained us all yesterday at the packed Ryerson Theatre. Even the actors appeared to be having fun in this stylistic romp.

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