Sunday, 30 August 2009

I Miss Toronto After Dark

I had a surprisingly good time at this year's Toronto After Dark Film Festival (TAD). I'd been to a couple of films last year, and I interviewed Festival Director, Adam Lopez when the festival first started, but I really didn't think this festival was for me. If you've been reading this blog, then you know that horror dramas are not for me. This year, the diversity of films on offer, and the quality of films on offer, aroused my curiosity enough for me to venture out, sometimes even by myself!

I didn't get a chance to see everything I wanted to because of scheduling conflicts, but I managed to see 7 of the 18 films on offer. (Last year I saw 2-Netherbeast Incorporated, which I loved and Mutant Chronicles which I did not.) If TAD keeps offering me choices of sci-fi, zombie comedies, martial arts epics and edgy action/fantasies, then I will be back for more next year, and I'll be bringing other scardy cats with me.

Now that TAD is done, I miss being in a theatre where people responded to the screen en masse. It may seem strange to those of you who haven't been to the festival, but there is something really satisfying about exclaiming "eeeuuuw!" together or applauding a really good kill or villain. At every screening, you become instant companions in the make-believe world glowing on screen in the darkened Bloor Cinema. Another thing I appreciated was not having to wait until Midnight to see these films. (I'm no spring chicken--I need my rest.)

Shout Outs!
Thanks to Chris L. for being my horror drama proxy and sharing his thoughts on those films I was too scared to see.

Thanks to the TAD Team.

See you next year After Dark...

Festival Director, Adam Lopez with BLACK director, Pierre Laffargue and producer, Lauranne Bourrachot.

Blogger, Heidy M. showing off her BLACK t-shirt (love audience giveaways!); at right, STRIGOI director, Faye Jackson and her producer husband, Ray Muraru.

TAD Programmer, Todd Brown (left); BLACKHEADS director, Chris Nash (right)

Zombie friends, Colin, Kenneth and Roland at DEAD SNOW screening.

Roland (left); Colin (right)

TAD programmer, Dave Alexander (left); Zombie Walkers (right)

Photo Credit: donna g

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