Thursday, 20 August 2009

Toronto After Dark: Chris L. Gets Rough

What are you doing after dark? Well, Toronto After Dark Film Festival (TAD) fan, Chris L. took in some martial arts action on Day 6 of the festival. I asked Chris his opinion of director, Hun Jang's Rough Cut, since I couldn't make it to the screening.

Chris L.: I thought Rough Cut was a surprisingly well-thought out action drama. From the handful of Korean films I've seen make it to North America, I've noticed that the Koreans are pretty good at taking elements from seemingly different genres of film and merging them together into a coherent, even plausible whole. In Rough Cut, there are unexpected bright spots of comedy and the hint of romance or, at least, of tangled relationships. It's also a good gangster yarn with well-executed scenes of violence. There are times where betrayal and deception beg the ultimate martial arts movie question:how much can a man change if given a good enough beating?

Chris's Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

Photo Credit: TAD website

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