Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Toronto After Dark: Chris L. Saves Scardy Cat, donna g from The Children

I've shared with you the fact that I can't watch scary films, but love the Toronto After Dark Film Festival (TAD) because it offers other genre films that I can watch (see my other posts). So, having been creeped out by some of the TAD movie trailers, I've asked Chris L. to help me out. Below Chris shares his reasons for going to TAD and his take on The Children.

donna g: How long have you going to TAD?

Chris L.:I discovered the fest last year and really enjoyed it, being also a fan
of the Midnight Madness venue at TIFF. TAD also turned out to be an interesting (although slightly unusual) event to take dates to.

donna g: Why do you go to TAD?

Chris L.:
1. For the thrills (much like why someone might ride a rollercoaster) and also to see something surreal
2. I like to comment/talk/make snide remarks/shout during movies, and at TAD, that's not (or at least less) annoying to people
3. There's a lot of innovation to be found in the horror genre (well, at least right now), unlike other areas of film.

donna g: So what did you think of The Children?

Chris L.: It's always nice to see yet another taboo broken down by a horror film- namely killing kids. There's also a lot of satisfaction in seeing certain parents get killled by their own darling little brats; and in seeing said brats get murdered (in self-defense, of course). Not to sound crude or insensitive or anything, but I have to say there wasn't enough child-killing in the movie. I also kept thinking if it were me in that film, I'd be wacking li'l kids left and right with a baseball bat. No mercy.

Chris L's Rating: Good effort overall, 3 out of 5 stars.

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Hye! said...

I have the same thoughts as Chris L re:why go to TAD and I second that thought of "there wasn't enough child-killing" in the Children. Glad you got saved from them Donna G :)

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